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Playing Outside

We play for many outdoor ceremonies and events each summer. To ensure that our instruments aren't damaged by sunlight, rain, or other environmental factors, there must be a canopy or suitable structure to provide shelter to the musicians. Unless adequate protection from the elements is provided, we can not risk playing outside. Our instruments are very valuable, and repairs are costly.

New Songs

Clients often ask us if we can play certain new songs that aren't in our repertoire. The answer is yes! If you are able to provide us with piano sheet music for the song, we will most likely be able to write out parts for our instruments. Some songs however are just not conducive to playing on our classical instruments. We'll do our best to make it work. Because of the time required to create new parts and rehearse, a new song request costs $100.


When traveling outside of the Seattle area, there might be a travel fee. Once we know the specific location of your event we can give you an exact quote. Travel fees are based on the amount of time/distance required to commute, tolls, parking costs, and ferry fares.


The men in our group wear a black suit with tie. Women wear concert black attire (like what you would see symphony members wearing).


We do not need to attend the rehearsal for the ceremony. We are quite well-versed at playing at wedding ceremonies. The only instance where a rehearsal might be appropriate is if we are accompanying a friend or family member who is singing. For this type of situation it is best to schedule an extra half hour of booking time immediately before the prelude music.


We are happy to discuss your plans with you by phone and email any time, and we can take care of all of the details that way. Though not often needed, in person consultations can be scheduled for $50/hour.

Quartet vs. Trio

Our quartet is comprised of two violins, one viola, and one cello. Our trio has two violins and one cello. The primary difference in sound is that the trio sounds slightly less full. The full string quartet is the instrumentation that most of our repertoire is specifically written for, and it sounds best that way. Though for intimate settings a quartet may be too much. For this reason we have carefully rearranged each piece in our repertoire so that that none of the essential harmonies and melodies are lost when we play as a trio.